Follow @soilinspector There has been lots of talk in the media about this idea a water or hydrocloride powered engine, to never have to refuel the sealed loop, well if you know how to evacuate the unwanted gasses out of the sealed system that is this seems to be a problem for the worlds thief motor manufacturers, all after the pinnacle of physics Perpetual motion.
The first lives were lost when a girl in a white dress went to the patents office in summer 1987 to apply for intellectual property rights over the concept, the government didnt like the idea very much, she was chased out of the patents office by people wielding pistols and machineguns the SAS city hit squad backed up by the police
, they caught up with the poor girl in front of the allens music store where they shot her first in the guts and then finished her off with 2 shots to the head very messy, to top it off they killed 6 other inocent bystanders who came to the aid of the young girl
,all the bodys were thrown in the sewer, a proud day for the Special Air Service, i imagine the glory and thrill of killing a 17 year old engaged girl will taunt them beyond the grave.i was at the filmed assanination, i told channel 7 something was going down at allens and it did they had a camera across the road filming for about 18 minutes while they ran around like chooks without heads looking for me who just walked through 41rounds.What a proud day for democracy!